Krystyn Scrbic

Ms. Krystyn Scrbic, H.BSc., MSc., MCVP, Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist, completed an Honours Bachelor of Science with Distinction in psychology from the University of Toronto and went on to complete a Master’s of Science in Applied Psychology from the University of Middlesex in London, England. She has 7 years of vocational rehabilitation experience related to Accident Benefits, Long Term Disability and Medical-Legal cases. She has worked with both plaintiff and defense lawyers, employers, insurers, and injured or disabled clientele. She has been accepted as an Expert Witness in the Ontario arbitration system. Ms. Scrbic has experience working with many types of clientele in both a volunteer and professional basis, including: the developmentally delayed, individuals with brain injuries and/or cognitive deficits, physically impaired individuals, and individuals with emotional difficulties. Ms. Scrbic has concentrated her efforts in the area of vocational assessments, labour market analysis and employment re-integration for clientele in need of such assistance in both the general population and injured/impaired candidates, but she also provides rehabilitation services such as career counselling, job search assistance, and facilitating return to work scenarios.  

Testing Experience:

I have 7 years of testing experience in the vocational rehabilitation field, plus an additional 2-3 years of experience in assessing children and adults using intelligence, academic achievement, personality, and cognitive functioning tests as part of my undergraduate and graduate research and studies.  


I am fluent in English, and I am proficient in reading in French. I speak only conversational French at this time so while I cannot conduct assessments in French, I can confidently read file documentation in French. For example, I perform Transferable Skills Analyses with French file documentation on a regular basis.  


In 2014, I conducted about 50 vocational assessments. Of these, 20 were plaintiff assessments, 20 were defense or AB files, and 10 were LTD files. I also completed 35 Transferable Skills Analyses, about half of which were LTD files, and the rest were either defense or AB files. I had about 20 rehabilitation clients over 2014 (in a professional as well as volunteer capacity), for whom I facilitated education and training, job search assistance, return to work scenarios, and/or career counselling.