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Abilities Evaluations

Detailed. Multi-functional. WorkWell Protocol.

Measuring physical functions and limitations

Functional Abilities Evaluations provide information on how capable a person is to physically complete various common activities which can then be used to help with return to work, vocational evaluation, access to assistance with home activities, and/or access to other benefits.

We take the time to work with the evaluee for the most realistic and objective analysis.

One-day and two-day assessments are offered. The two-day assessment provides the best opportunity to review consistency and reliability of the individual’s performance. Using WorkWell Protocol, a multitude of activity measurements provide an objective and accurate summary of physical work abilities.

Up to 17+ activity measurements over one or two-day evaluation.

A summary of abilities provides information on capabilities for lifting, carrying, bending, elevated work, stairs, other positional tolerances, and hand function, along with strengths, and limitations.

Comparison to National Occupational Classification Standards for common understanding of abilities.

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