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Lisa Grim

Operations Manager


Lisa specializes in:

  • Intake Coordinator
  • Chief of Positive Attitude

“ I love, love detail! Being engaged with all team members (they are really great people!) on a regular basis keeps my focus on the ‘forest and the trees’. I know what is going on with any project at any point in time and help team members prioritize current and upcoming workflow.  I excel at organizing things. Keeping projects moving and on track is important to Spencer Rehabilitation Experts, and a role for which I am naturally suited.  Being organized allows us to be flexible for clients when those unexpected changes happen – more often than not! 

A creative design and event planning background fostered my realization of how important it is to not only apply a creative outlook at resolving situations, but the need for constant  follow-up on detail and juggling workflow to make sure things simply get done. On time. On budget. 

On the personal side, I like to travel – to experience different cultures and environments around the world.  I always come home with appreciation for what others deal with in their countries and value Canada, my work life, and the Spencer Team.”

Lisa Grim Signature

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“Lisa is our ‘rock star’ ! Her positive attitude and ability to keep track of all our operational needs, team members and workflow is vital to our ability to provide top-notch professional rehabilitation and objective, defensible reports.”

Heather Spencer Grim (Owner)