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Life Care Plans & Reviews

Objective. Credible. Well-Reasoned.

This is life changing stuff.

We understand and appreciate that our reports impact an individual’s future access to care and their quality of life.

Our assessment and planning methods are objective and credible. We follow published standards of practice and established methodologies. Offered to members of the legal profession involved with personal injury, family and estate law, our approach has an established and respected record of objectivity and fairness.

Future Care Costing / Life Care Planning

(As requested by plaintiff, defence, or other lawyers)

A concise and comprehensive review of an individual’s future care needs related to the incident, including documentation review, interview and assessment, consultations with assessing and treating providers, and a detailed itemized cost listing of reasonable goods and services.

Preliminary Future Care Costing

(As requested by plaintiff, defence, or other lawyers)

A condensed summary of an individual’s future care needs, including a targeted review of key documentation. An interview, assessment, and consultations to be discussed at time of referral.

Reviews of Future Care Costs / Life Care Plans

(As typically requested by defence lawyers)

A review of a previously completed Future Care Cost/Life Care Plan and additional material, as required, to consider the reasonableness of goods and services and provide alternative options if needed. This may or may not include a formal report.

These experts are fully qualified life care planners and ready to help.

  • Jennifer Steller

    Jennifer Steller


    (24+ years’ experience)

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  • Gareth Smit

    Gareth Smit

    R.Kin, B.Sc. (Kin), CCLCP, CVRP, RRP

    (26+ years’ experience)

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  • Allyson Weldon

    Allyson Weldon

    BHSc, MScOT, OT Reg. (Ont.), OTR

    (12+ years’ experience)

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  • Heather Spencer Grim

    Heather Spencer Grim


    (Owner, qualified professional since 2010)

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  • Dana Weldon

    Dana Weldon


    (30+ years’ experience)

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  • Kathleen Gahagan

    Kathleen Gahagan

    O.T. Reg. (Ont.)

    (18+ years’ experience)

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