Dr. Megan Popovic

For the last decade, Meg’s life path has been a blend of academic scholarship, self-development work, and leadership expression. She worked with Spencer since January 2011 and has facilitated various Job Search Training workshops. She completed her PhD in Health Sciences from The University of Western Ontario (UWO) in 2010 and is currently a sessional faculty member at King’s University College, the University of Western Ontario, and Humber College. Meg strives to create a well-rounded life, whereby her passions for teaching, learning, and social activism translate into serving with myriad organizations, including Moksha Yoga, Me to We, Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry, New Leaf Foundation, North American Society for Sport History, The Belinda Stronach Foundation and the G(irls)20 Summit, the Teaching Support Centre (UWO), Toastmasters International, and the Coaches Training Institute (CTI).  From her many years of studying illness, health, wellness, and disability, Meg brings a great deal of understanding of the effects (physically, psychologically, etc.) of injury to people’s lives and how that can translate into all aspects of life, such as job, career, identity, and emotional health.